meet the belly-rub pupS STRESS-RELIEF gang


The centered soul-man. Frankie knows that in order to be stress-free, you have to look after your inner-self. Loves to watch others do Tai Chi in the park (he would join if he could!) and knows that daily meditation is key to remaining one with oneself and the universe (even though he generally uses this time for a good nap). In fact, you will spot Frankie “meditating” several times per day. Let him be your placid lake, your calm in the storm, or your prescription-free Xanax.

chica loca

The exercise freak. Whether it’s winter or summer, Chica knows that there is no better way to keep healthy and manage stress than by living an active life. As you can tell by the expression on her face, she’s insanely passionate about what she loves. She’s the kind of pup who will get up at dawn to chase runners, postal workers, and trespassing squirrels. As you can see, Chica is hyped and always ready for action; she acts first and thinks second, but at least the chase will keep you fit!


The charmer. This sensitive dreamer knows that nothing makes you happier and more relaxed than feeling loved. If he could hold a pen, he would write an ode to all the things that make you great. Don’t worry: this charismatic love-pup isn’t here to break your heart; he’s your best friend for life! Romeo truly believes that love makes the world go ’round and he’s here to prove it.


The brain. Norman is certain that there is an equation to solve stress and he is on a quest to figure it out. Not averse to snuggling while attempting to solve for x,y, or stress, he is sure to be not only the cutest, but smartest friend you have. Let the low hum of him mastering logic problems lull you into a sense of peace and harmony. Although you may not always understand him, he will always understand you.